Embedding Brand into your Business Strategy

In this game-changing book, David Kincaid, Founder of Level5 Strategy, shows how senior leadership can turn their brand into a long-term strategic generator of future revenues and profits.

The Brand-Driven CEO book

Part 1

Unlocking a Different Kind of Value

A branded business system™ creates a cohesive approach to maximizing brand value and delivering that value to the customer. As a business system, the brand and all the activities surrounding its value drivers become fully integrated into an organization’s operations and management values.

Part 2

The New 4Ps and Six CEO Success Factors in Action

Either intuitively or strategically, brand-driven CEOs regard the New 4Ps not only as strategic contributors to the brand but also as sources of substantial untapped value.

Part 3

The Brand-Driven CEO Assessment and New 4Ps Playbook

Are you, your senior leadership team, and your organization ready to begin your brand journey?

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