The Brand-Driven CEO
Announced as a Finalist in Foreword Review Indies Award

David Kincaid’s new book, The Brand-Driven CEO, has been announced as Finalist in Foreword Reviews Magazine’s Indies Award for Business & Economics. This well-recognized award is given for the best books published in 2020 from independent and university presses, as well as by author publishers.

For more information on Foreword Reviews’ Indies and the finalists in this category, click here for more information.

About The Brand-Driven CEO

The Brand-Driven CEO demonstrates how senior leadership can use their brand to align and guide the behaviours, decisions, and operations of their entire organization and drive brand and shareholder value. Author David Kincaid delivers practical assessments and game plans for senior executives and managers across functional areas, clarifying the confusion between brand and marketing management. He introduces the “New 4P’s” of brand management: people, process, IP, and partnerships. This paradigm shift equips business leaders with a new approach to managing growth, profitability, risk, and sustainable value creation.

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