The Brand-Driven CEO,
A Behind-The-Scenes Look:
Part 3 – The Change

In Part 3 of his interview, Level5 Strategy Founder David Kincaid leans on excerpts from his book, “The Brand-Driven CEO,” to emphasize the importance of shifting your value proposition during accelerated change and aligning with consumers’ evolving needs.

David highlights that COVID-19 is backing many CEOs into a corner where they’re compelled to ask themselves the following question: “Are we going to continue making our products in the same old way, or are we going to listen to the market and build a brand?”

About The Brand-Driven CEO

The Brand-Driven CEO demonstrates how senior leadership can use their brand to align and guide the behaviours, decisions, and operations of their entire organization and drive brand and shareholder value. Author David Kincaid delivers practical assessments and game plans for senior executives and managers across functional areas, clarifying the confusion between brand and marketing management. He introduces the “New 4P’s” of brand management: people, process, IP, and partnerships. This paradigm shift equips business leaders with a new approach to managing growth, profitability, risk, and sustainable value creation.

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